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BPM: 150

Label: YES

Format:CD 60 mins
Disc 1

Introducing Beast Mode Bangerz! Vol. 1 – the most aggressive music for all your high intensity training and extreme performance activities. Think Crossfit, Think Tough Mudder! Unleash your inner beast with the relentless energy of this mix! When you push play, it will be 100% ‘Beast Mode’ On!

140 How We Party- DJ Kee
145 Music Is- Tuneboy & Stephanie
150 Malfunction- Amazed
150 Mood To Swing- Tuneboy
150 Bomb MF- Ivan Carsten
150 Reflex- Technoboy
150 Digital Nation- Technoboy, Isaac & Tuneboy
150 Digital Playground- Technoboy & Isaac
150Tell Me About It- Tuneboy
150 Skinner- TNT aka Technoboy ‘N’ Tuneboy
150 Six- Tuneboy Ft. Soleo
150 Hype- Eslix
150 Soym 20k4 Remix- Tuneboy Ft. Ruffian
150 Screwdriver- TNT aka Technoboy ‘N’ Tuneboy & Audiofire
150Synergy- TNT & Headhunterz
150 Rewind- Eslix
150 Heatwave- TNT & Zany
150 Loverdrive- Ivan Carsten

* not recorded by the original artist